The Road To Election

Een politieke Road-Trip van Chicago naar Tampa

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Anderhalf uur puur genieten! Honderd keer leuker en informatiever dan dat lauwe debat tussen Romney en Obama afgelopen woensdag.

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"If we can build a house together, then why can’t we build a country together?" Republicans and Democrats unite to build a house; one part built at the RNC in Tampa, the other part built at the DNC in Charlotte.

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Liberty Rocks - the need for a 3rd party?

For a country with over 314 million people a choice between only two Presidential candidates just does not seem to suffice. It is too limited when you are deciding on how you would want the country to be run. The danger of having only two choices is that opposing one of them automatically forces you into voting the other. Or not voting at all.

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Christian women for Obama say the Republican party is not the most logical choice if you are a christian, because you should not legislate abortion and anti-gay views.